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Groups are a way to create a private group with shared entropy. Only people with the exact same settings will be able to talk and share with each other in the group. All the variables are calculated into a hash string, and becomes the group ID. Please note you can only be in 1 group per client.

  • Go to the menu upper right corner Client-hamburger-menu.png then Group. Group-menu.png
  • First we need is to add a Entropy. Enter a passphrase, URL or right-click to select a file. This can be any type of file, but the size shouldn't (need to) be more than 2 MB.


  • Review the rest of the settings and adjust if necessary.

Group-settings2.png Example group

  • When your done adjusting click the the Refresh icon Refresh-bink.png in the upper left corner to reconnect into that private group.
  • You will now see a group ID that means that you are now connected to that group.


If you want to add more layers to make it more secure you will need to do the following.
  • Upper right corner click on Add-icon.png and new row will spawn.
  • Now repeat the steps above, add entropy, adjust the settings and refresh.

Group-sett4.png Example 2 layer group