Connecting to a router

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First time setup

  • First download the right version of the Titan client for your appropriate Operating System at
  • After the download has finished, extract the content of the .zip/tar.gz into a new folder (where you have permission to).

ExtractingTitan.gif Click on the image for an animated GIF.

  • When you first start Titan, a user name is randomly generated, you can replace it with your own user name if you would like.
  • Once you have picked a name, enter your Router address (the IP/URL address you are going to be connecting to). If needed, change the port that your client will be connecting to. If you were not given a specific port or IP address then leave the defaults and proceed to the next step.
  • Now click connect by clicking the "Start" button. You should see a message of the day from the router you connected to in the chat window.

ConnectingToTitan.gif Click on the image for an animated GIF.