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Keyboard shortcuts
F5 = Update active window/widget
Esc = Close active window/widget
Ctrl+Tab = Change user tab
Ctrl+W = Close active user tab
Delete = Delete selected chat lines
Icon definition
  • Client-hamburger-menu.png
    • Client menu and setting for the client currently active. Located in the upper right corner.
  • GlobalSettings.PNG
    • Global settings that effect all clients in your titan session. Located in the upper right corner.
  • Client-status-icon.png
    • Client status (smiley status) This can show a few different states and help you troubleshoot. Green= connection good, Yellow= , Blue = establishing connecting , Grey= calculating hash, Red= could not reach router/offline. Located in the upper left corner.
  • Router-activity-icon.pngRouter-activity-on-icon.png
    • Router activity, This will flash on/off on activity from the router. Located in the bottom left corner.
  • Status-bar.png Status bar Located in the bottom right corner.
Clients online Clients shares Lines of chat Transfers in que Ongoing Downloads Ongoing Uploads Finished down/uploads Routers connected

Transfer colors

When you download/upload files, there are a colored dot on the left of the file being transferred. This is what it means:
If there is any color other than green, a message will appear in the Errors tab further explaining what happened. If you have problems, look for solutions here on the Errors page!

  • Green = Success
  • Yellow = Unsuccessful/incomplete chunk transfer, retry imminent
  • Red = Error
  • Blue = Connecting
  • White = Transfer not yet initiated
  • Black = Timed out
This will happen after 180 seconds with no activity, and will automatically retry 5 times. If no progress has been made within 5 retries of the given file, the transfer will fail, and must be manually re-initiated.