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Here I will walk you through how to start your own Router.

Quick and dirty

To get started in less then 5min

This is the script that is going to run
For Raspberry-pi
  • Answer the questions the script is asking, you're done! Congratz, you now have your very own router!

Advanced setup

How to setup Demonsaw 4 router by Tek

It’s very easy to have your own DS4 private network. Here’s how to do it.
First, you need a VPS. I recommend They have very good rates and i never had a problem with them.
Once you created your account and added funds to it, you can launch a new instance (they even accept bitcoin).

First, select a location for your server.

Router tutorial 1.png

Most of them are located in the US but there are some in other countries as well.

Next, select the server type. I recommend Debian 8x64

Router tutorial 2.png

Then select server size. I use the $5/month package. Depending on how many people will use your network and how many files will be shared, you can adjust your package as needed.

Router tutorial 3.png

Next, you choose a server name and label. It can be whatever you want.

Router tutorial 4.png

Then, click on Deploy Now. It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes for a server to be ready for use.
When the server is ready, you will have your IP address. Your username is root and a complex password is provided.
Note: This tutorial was made using Linux. If you are using the Windows OS, you will need a little program called “Putty” (freeware)
Next, open terminal and type su (root)
Type your OS password
Then type ssh [email protected]_WITH_SERVERIP
Type yes then copy server password to clipboard and paste.
You are now logged in your Vultr server.

Once logged in, update and upgrade your server OS.

Router tutorial 5.png

Next, install screen. This will allow you to exit terminal after you finish installing your router, without shutting down the server.

Router tutorial 6.png

Now, type screen in your terminal then hit enter twice. Now, you need to install unzip.

Router tutorial 7.png

Next, we need to change the ssh port which by default is set at 22. Type nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config On the port number line, change the port number. Here’s a good website to learn more about it.

Router tutorial 8.png

After changing the port number, press Ctrl + x then y then enter to save. Now, we need to restart the ssh. Type /etc/init.d/ssh restart

Router tutorial 9.png

Now, we create a new directory for the Demonsaw router. Type mkdir Demonsaw Then go to that new folder: cd Demonsaw Next, we need to get the Demonsaw router in that folder. Type wget

  • Note: Make sure you get the link from the demonsaw website. It may change at any time.

Router tutorial 10.png

Now, we need to unzip the file. Type unzip

Router tutorial 11.png

Now, type ls to list the content of the folder.

Router tutorial 12.png

You now need to navigate to the nix_64 folder since you server is on Debian 8x64. Type cd nix_64 Then type ls You now see the content of the folder.

Router tutorial 13.png

We now need to edit the router’s toml file using the nano command. Type nano demonsaw.toml and edit the file. In the [[router]] section, copy the address of your Vultr server and change the port number. In the [router.option] section, change the welcome message to whatever message you want. You can now edit the chat rooms (add as many as you want) In the [[router.router]] section, enable the transfer router by changing from false to true. Use the same IP as your message router as well as the same port unless you want to use other IPs (different instances) for transfers.

Router tutorial 14.png

When completed, hit Ctrl +x then y the enter to save. Now, you need to make the demonsaw_router executable. Type chmod +x demonsaw_router

Router tutorial 15.png

Launch the server by typing ./demonsaw_router
To exit the DS4 prompt, use Ctrl + a then Ctrl + d This will allow the server to stay up and running.
The screen command you entered earlier allows for this. You can now exit terminal and test your new private network. If you want to make changes to your toml file, log back in to your server, make the changes then use the screen -r to get back to your DS4 prompt and restart server then press Ctrl + a then Ctrl + d to exit DS4 prompt.

  • Note: When logging back into your Vultr server, remember to add new port number: Example: ssh [email protected]_WITH_SERVERIP -p 2222


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